Thursday, September 04, 2008

selamat berpuasa 2 all!

selamat berpuasa 2 all my buddies and those who know me out there. may God give His blessings to us in whatever we do in this holy month. what i really like about this month is that not only you got to get closer to Allah, but at the same time you can be healthy as been said by our Prophet Muhammad (well, i think sounds like this): "berpuasalah kamu, sesungguhnya kamu akan sihat". well, in this month we can also improve ourselves in terms of ibadah by reading the quran, pray tarawih. ahh, nothin can describe the joyfulness of Muslims every year during Ramadhan. nway, recently i've been having the illness of lazyouptodateblog disease. hehe what a disease. i cant wait to break fast with my besties. were planning to do so at the Pizza Hut at Wangsa Maju. our friend from MRSM will join us. cant wait for that day. a quick question: Do you love politics? well, of course you do. who doesnt love to talk about politics; digging dirts about the ministers, condemn those wrongdoers, make fun of those who swore in the mosque. hah funny! here's 5 reasons why i think government nowadays were looked down by the public:
1. the big people themselves are doing illegal things(bribery)
2. they keep condemning bout each other untill the public the flaws of the government
3. theyre not brave enough to stand up for he truth n the only thing they can do is "SWEARING IN THE NAME OF GOD and bla bla bla".
4. they dont have strong leaders, and whats left are the ones who just follow what his son-in-law said(if you know who i meant)
5. they dont really hold on to the basic of Islam in the administrations. they said theyre muslims but they drink n what that makes them? BN as in Barisan Nasional or B**i Negara.
well, thats basically why we need new structure of administration to make syre that our country will be governed by the ones who are in the straight path.
thats all from me now. any terkasar bahasa or whatsover im so sorry to the offended side. may God will always be with us to guide us to the Right PAth.

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